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Xfwm Effects

For the Xfce Window Manager

Image of Xubuntu running Xfce Effects background: mage


Xfwm Effects adds depth and color harmony to the appearance of the desktop, without adding distraction. The effect is reminiscent of the macOS “vibrancy” effect, where transparency adds beauty while blur removes unwanted visual noise.

It's meant for “ricing” your desktop environment. Ricing: to increase perceived performance through cosmetics, or to beautify and personalize.

Included is a settings app (xfwm-effects). Adjusting the slider controls on the Compositor tab of the Window Manager Tweaks app toward “Transparent” makes the effect more pronounced.


Xfce version 4.18.0 (64 bit only), or Xubuntu 22.04/22.10 with Xfce. The installer script is written for Xubuntu 22.04/22.10; other distros will need some massaging to get xfwm-effects to work. Dependencies: Imlib2 (the libimlib2 package) for image processing

More Info:

Read the README.TXT file included in the download before you proceed. The install is done from the command line, so do not proceed if that makes you uncomfortable.


Click the button to download a compressed folder containing:
1. the installation script and files (for Xubuntu 22.04/22.10)
2. the source code

Download Xfwm Effects

MD5 (xfwm-effects-install-1.6.tar.gz) = aa9578c5608e0858c9860e97a6dd8b55

Changes in version 1.6:

More Screen Shots:

xfwm effects: whisker panel Translucence through panel, whisker menu, terminal, and inactive window. background: smile

xfwm effects: xray effect X-ray special effect. Day and night images: ArseniXC

xfwm effects: window chrome Xfwm Effects can be limited to window chrome. background: snatti89 www.deviantart.com/snatti89/art/autumn-cats-765761540
The video is Talk that Talk by Twice (referencing the 1984 Apple commerical).

xfwm effects: color tint Tinted window chrome, plus translucency on inactive windows. background: wamizi

Contact: jnrh2001 [at] yahoo [dot] com